2-Pack Soft Lace Knit Silk Boxer Brief 100% Mulberry Silk Ladies Boxer Brief Women’s underwear

Dimension M= United States size 4-6, L= US dimension 8-10, XL= US dimension 12-14
Why do you need to wear mulberry silk
1. Mulberry silk takes in moisture and also as well as it can breathe Mulberry silk is the solidified fluid produced by silkworms. It includes natural healthy protein particles, making it not just soaks up wetness yet likewise breathable. In the damp setting, the drying out silk can take in wetness, the sweat and also metabolic items of the body. It also takes away the body heat as well as keeps the skin tidy, hence to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin; while in the dry environment, the silk which has actually taken in sweat could generate moisture as well as sweat. It is extremely breathable, so clothes made of mulberry silk can make people feel dry, smooth, comfortable and also amazing. It could additionally help to stop skin diseases like eczema, skin itchiness, etc.
2. Skin treatment of mulberry silk Mulberry silk has very complicated components, consisting of healthy protein fiber, which includes 18 type of amino acids that are beneficial to human beings. Clothing made from silk could boost the vitality of cells when it get in touches with the skin

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