3-Pack 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Boutique Ladies Panties Lace Ruffles T-back Women’s thong Anti Allergy Ice Silk Panties

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Size M= United States size 4-6, L= US dimension 8-10, XL= United States size 12-14, XXL= United States 14-16, XXXL= United States 16-18
M: suitable for the women who's midsection is 35-37inches
L: fit for the females that's waistline is 39-43inches
XL: fit for the ladies that's waistline is 44-47inches
XX: Lfit for the ladies who's waist is 49-51inches
XXXL: suitable for the women who's waist is 50-55inches
The alternatives are in Asian sizes. For example, you typically wear worldwide M. You can pick L below, which will be perfect
This T underclothing is made of mulberry silk, so it won't cause for female skin stimulation.Mulberry silk as a kind of pet protein, it has stronger moisturizing properties as well as gas leaks in the structure than pure cotton materials, so it is particularly appropriate for the woman with even more tender skin. The underwear use shoelace clear style, hot and simple, which could raise the beauty of wife
Why do you have to wear mulberry silk
1. Mulberry silk takes in wetness as well as well as it can take a breath Mulberry silk is the strengthened fluid generated by silkworms. It includes natural healthy protein particles, making it not just absorbs wetness but likewise breathable. In the damp setting, the drying silk could take in moisture, the sweat as well as metabolic products of the body. It also takes away the body heat as well as keeps the skin tidy, thus to stop the growth of microorganisms on the skin; while in the completely dry environment, the silk which has taken in sweat can create moisture and sweat. It is very breathable, so clothing made from mulberry silk can make individuals really feel dry, smooth, comfortable and also trendy. It can also help to prevent skin illness like eczema, skin irritation, and so on
2. Skin care of mulberry silk Mulberry silk has really intricate components, consisting of healthy protein fiber, which includes 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to human beings. Garments made of silk can boost the vigor of cells when it calls the skin

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