FDA/Makeaway Pregnant women&fetal health monitor/ECG /Non-Doppler

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Look for "Makeaway Fetal Health Monitor" on App Store and Google Play. Makeaway PREGNANT WOMEN & FETAL HEALTH MONITOR( http://www.imakeaway.com/) is the world's initial commercialized product from wellness original modern technology research study for several years of ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, the Korea's top nationwide institute). It is the U-Health care gadget which checks expecting females and fetal wellness in genuine time, together with a smartphone application.

– Feature 1, 2: Indicate MHR (Mother Heart Rate) and ECG (Electrocardiogram), which are drawn out bio-signals from the expectant women's abdominal areas.
– Feature 3: Indicate fetal motion, which are removed bio-signals from the expecting women's abdomen.
– Feature 4: Indicate FHR (Fetal Heart Rate), which are drawn out bio-signals from the expectant ladies's abdominal areas.
– Feature 5, 6: Indicate adult's HR and ECG, which are drawn out bio-signals from his or her breast.

We are really sorry to educate you that we could not deliver the battery for the Airmail shipping & personalized plan. Please refer to the photo of battery (CR2032/ 3V).
Make a Way Fetal Health Monitor app is available for iphone and Android. The application is complimentary.
Enjoy the heart beat as well as inspect both mom & the coming child's health.
Catch your baby's heartbeat for an unique memory of life.
Easy to utilize.
Inspect your real time information, using Bluetooth.
Measurement time could be brief or done continually 24 hrs.

Ideal when made use of after the 12th week of maternity (There may be differences in between expectant ladies.) and also for grownups and toddler.

Passed FDA( 10054293), FCC (FCC IDENTIFIER: 2AHB6-BBSMT01) and CE (CE CERTIFICATE: R-16022201) The app will certainly be upgraded continually.

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