First Response Ovulation 7 Ovulation Test Plus 1 Pregnancy Test (2 Pack)

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  • How Does A First Response Ovulation Test Work?
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  • How Does A First Response Ovulation Test Work?
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Anticipates the 2 days when you are more than likely to become expecting. Easy-read outcome line. First Response Easy-Read Ovulation Predictor Test is a very easy method in order to help you discover the 2 days when you are most able to come to be pregnant. It quickly and properly discovers the rise in luteinizing hormone in your urine (LH rise), which normally occurs 24-36 hrs before ovulation. Your 2 most productive days start with the LH rise. You are most likely to end up being pregnant if you have intercourse within 24-36 hrs after you identify your LH surge. Easy to Use: One simple action. Simply hold the stick in your urine stream. No mug. No mess. Accurate: Over 98% exact in laboratory researches. Fast: Easy-read results in simply 5 mins. Easy to Read: One purple line tells you the examination is working. The look of a 2nd line that is similar or darker in shade than the initial line means that you should ovulate within 24-36 hrs. Now with easy-read outcome line. Convenient: Test whenever of day. Maternity test inside! Examination 5 days sooner – compared to other leading maternity examinations. For in-vitro diagnostic usage. Not to be taken internally.

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