Healthcom Waist Slimming Belt Shaper Wrapper Band Abdomen Abdominal Binder Women Postnatal Pregnancy Belt-Support Postpartum Recoery Support Girdle Belt Belly(Size:M) by Healthcom

  • Healthcom Waist Slimming Belt Shaper Wrapper Band Review
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HEALTHCOM WASIT BELT – Delivers excellent back assistance while fixing the posture.Three size: Small – 37Length * 9Width; Medium – 39Length * 9Width; Large – 43Length * 9Width.; Healthcom Recoery Support Belt – The flexible closure for very easy wearing. Properly tighten and also squash your postpartum bellyGreat back supportEspecially valuable after a c-section.; MATERIAL – Made from light-weight and breathable product, comfy for your skin.Easy to use, adjustable as well as removable.; Adjustable closure for very easy wearing, helps in reducing midsection. This has a fantastic Velcro kind of method to keep your stubborn belly secure. It can be extended to fit the natural curves of your body.; Healthcom Postnatal Pregnancy Belt – Suitable for any cardiovascular exercise or weight decrease program.

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