Laser Acupuncture Health Care Management Medicomat

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  • Automatic Therapy Device MEDICOMAT-21
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  • Medicomat Electronic Acupuncture Devices

Computer quantum checkup system is a sort of health and wellness exam instrument that could make noninvasive and quick checkup to body. The electro-magnetic wave signals produced by the human body represent the particular state of the human body, and also the released electro-magnetic wave signals are different under the various problems of the human body. It can provide very comprehensive 41 health and wellness reports. According to wellness status, it could give suggestion to improve health. Computer treatment and acupuncture gives the massage through the acupoints in predicting components of body, adjusting the functions. Completely Automatic Treatment – auto-selection of acupuncture points on the ear, hand, foot as well as SPA. The conductive garments (Gloves as well as Socks) are made with excellent quality silver fiber strings which perform the electrical impulses throughout the whole garment, giving acupuncture and massage treatment over the complete location covered by the garment. Producing an even distribution providing optimum convenience and also performance, as well as full convenience of usage. Laser irradiate the nasal and the wrist for blood thickness, oxygen carrying ability, fat, cholesterol, blood circulation. Procedure System: Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP/Vista COM Port USB 1.1/ 2. Package Includes: Main Machine x 1 piece + USB Cable x 1 piece + Test Rod x 1 item + CD/USB Software x 1 item + USB(Dongle/Key) x 1 piece + Ear electrode × 4 sets + Conductive Electrode Gloves: 1 pair version: G101 size: L shade: silver grey + Conductive Socks Electrode: 1 set version: S101 size: 43-46 color: grey + Electrode pads × 1 pair + Two-pin cord × 2 items + Machine-Computer USB-Wire x 1 item + Aluminum situation x 1 item + User Manual × 1 copy.

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