Mama ‘N Bump Snuggle Full Body Maternity Pregnancy Pillow 38x 60-Inch Large Contoured Back and Belly Pillow

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Cushion size: (When you see package, it will certainly look tiny.).

This is a VERY big pillow.It measures roughly 38 inches by 60 inches.It will certainly occupy virtually fifty percent of a queen-sized bed. When you receive your new cushion.

Your brand-new pillow comes in a vacuum-sealed plastic.You will either need to fluff your cushion or allow it rest for a number of hours so the air will certainly trigger the pillow to climb.


As the baby expands, what initially was the most effective cushion setting ever before, can become uncomfortable.This is where trying out different positions is critical.When your baby bump starts to show, place one leg under one portion of the cushion, one leg over the same portion.The contour will provide comfort to your stubborn belly and your back at the exact same time.

When the birth is coming quickly or your child bump is really feeling extremely heavy and big, push both leg portions of the cushion together.Believe it or otherwise, in this setting, you could rest practically on your back.We would advise turning your tummy away or the various other, though, simply to please your physician and to be risk-free.

Attempt taking both leg end items and pile them for your head as well as neck assistance, after that have your legs as well as feet hang over the U part of the pillow.It might seem like you have the cushion upside down, yet your convenience and good-night's sleep is more crucial than semantics on how it "ought to" be done.

If you are moderate to taller in height, you might locate that if you utilize the pillow upside down, you feel like only your knees rise and your puffy feet are not getting raised like they should.Just utilize your normal cushion and push the cushion towards the foot of the bed so your feet could easily remain on the U part to lower your swelling.Note: You may need to elevate one foot at a time if you are tucking one leg under on a given side.

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