Maternity Support Belt V2 Supporter by Perinatal Cares Offers Relief from: Prolapsed Bladder and Uterus, Vaginal Edema (Swelling) and Pubic Symphysis. (Extra Large, Black)

The V2 Supporter gives compression to the vaginal area. To increase compression, relocate the tabs in the back down for more assistance. For much less compression, move the tabs in the back up for less support. By increasing as well as lowering compression you are applying stress to the varicose blood vessels hence alleviating the aching as well as pulsating in the vagina. The V2 Supporter provides compression therapy for females who have swelling from varicose blood vessels in the vaginal location. While pregnant, vulvar varicosities could take place for lots of reasons. Enhanced weight of the enlarged womb sometimes produces pressure on veins in the pelvic location and also interferes with the circulation of blood returning from the legs. At the very same time, normally greater levels of estrogen advertise growth, while raised progesterone tends to unwind the smooth muscles of the blood vessel wall surfaces. Paired with greater blood quantity, the "kicked back" blood vessels could become distended and "pop out" as vulvar varicosities. Standing for long periods of time could intensify this condition. To buy go to Maternity-Depot web site for most affordable prices as well as free shipping!

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