Mumanu Memory Foam Belly Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

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Your womb has tendons that attach to the base of your back which can pull when resting on your side and also in need of support. This stunning, squidgy memory foam maternity cushion wedge delicately lifts your tummy right into a neutral placement while side sleeping for optimum comfort (as well as stopping that pulling sensation). The Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow Wedge stops you from rolling forwards and also turning your spine hence offering you relief from low pain in the back. Laying on your back from 22 weeks of maternity will limit blood circulation on your own and also your expanding infant. This is due to the fact that the weight of the stomach compresses the main vein that runs up your spine. Given that your blood volume and also thickness is 40-50% greater during pregnancy, it's essential to rest on your side to keep you and your infant healthy. The most effective pregnancy resting setting is side lying … For the supreme convenience our Mumanu side sleeping pillows will certainly offer you exactly what you require. Memory Foam for optimum comfort|Detachable, cleanable cotton cover|Eases reduced back pain|Stops you from rolling into your belly|Contoured for the best fit|Squishy yet strong assistance|Created by our professional in pregnancy massage

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