The ORIGINAL Maternity Support Belt – By LOVING COMFORT – Adjustable Belly Support Band provides Comfort and Relief throughout Pregnancy – Black- Medium

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Are you having neck and back pain due to pregnancy?
Are you seeking alleviation?

The Loving Comfort Maternity Support Belt is based on a design utilized by Doctors and Therapists.
Made to give comfort and also relief throughout your pregnancy.
It lifts as well as sustains the abdominal area to assist supply relief from hip and pelvic discomfort, in addition to various other extending pains that happen during pregnancy making you more comfortable.

The Loving Comfort Original Maternity Support Belt likewise serves as a mini cradle for your little one.
It is light-weight, cool and also soft to your skin.
Velcro closures allow for convenience of usage. (See directions in photos).
Does not show under your garments and will certainly grow in addition to you throughout your pregnancy.

It is wonderful for all sizes:
Small pre-pregnancy dimension 3-6
Tool pre-pregnancy size 7-16
Big pre-pregnancy size 17-20
X-large pre-pregnancy dimension 21-24

Shades: Beige as well as Black.

Treatment directions: Hand clean in cool or cozy water with a light cleaning agent as well as hang to completely dry.
Please cover the velcro hook so it does not tear the textile as you handle it.

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